Introducing Cookstoves Canada and The Stanley

Welcome To Cookstoves Canada

Cookstoves Canada is proud to bring almost a dozen of the world's best outdoor and indoor cooking products plus lifestyle accessories, to the Canadian market.

Nationally, we sell Heartland Appliances wide selection of wood, gas and electric ranges; the Waterford Stanley wood cookstove from Ireland; the outdoor and indoor Caliber barbecues and ranges from California; the UUNI Oven, an amazing combination of value, design and a fun cooking experience; the Feuerhand and Deitz outdoor lanterns and the more-than-a-century-old Aladdin Lamps, considered to be the best off-the-grid indoor lighting.

Regionally we offer the highly thought of Saber line of barbecues (Ontario); exciting wi-fi equipped pellet barbecues from Green Mountain Grills (Ontario and Quebec) and one of the very best outdoor heaters, the electrically-powered Infratech line from California (the six Eastern provinces).

Information on each of these products is found within our website, and all items we sell are available through our specialty dealer network. We are always ready to assist in any way we can...please feel free to contact us. We believe we have assembled a superior stable of products and we hope you find one or more extremely suitable for your needs.

Gordon Flagler - Manager