Introducing Cookstoves Canada and The Stanley

Introducing Cookstoves Canada

Cookstoves Canada is proud to bring several of the world’s best indoor and outdoor cooking products to the Canadian market. All items we sell are available nationwide through our specialty dealer network.

We are very proud to be the exclusive national hearth distributor of the famous Heartland Appliances. We have four wood cookstoves and a full line of kitchen appliances in several colours and fuels, and in two sizes.

We are the exclusive Canadian agent for the world’s finest barbecue, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Designed and built in Michigan for use in Northern climates, Kalamazoo has a tremendous array of barbecues, a superb outdoor oven and everything needed for the best outdoor kitchen.

We have what is considered to be one of the finest wood cookstoves, the legendary Waterford Stanley from Ireland. The Stanley has a rare cast iron oven and almost all components are cast iron, which is historically the finest cookstove material. The Stanley is available in matte black and several porcelain enamel colours.

Outdoor ovens have become and extremely popular product category. Cookstoves Canada has two great outdoor ovens. The Rustic is a traditional forno design with a very reasonable price point. The magnificent Fire Pie is handcrafted elegance for those who demand the finest. We have standard models in granite or river rock, or you can work with our team of designers to create your own design.

We love hearing from you, and we hope to see you at one of the several shows we participate in annually.