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Cookstoves Canada was founded in 2013 to source and supply unique indoor and outdoor cooking and heating products for Canadians. Since then, we have built a stable of brands from across the globe. They are singular in their design and really suited to our Canadian lifestyle.

Product Categories

Wood Cookstoves

We are strong supporters of wood cookstoves, offering a wide variety, join us in admiring wood cookstoves and their ability to provide direct heat, cook and bake.

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Outdoor Living

For our customers, their outdoor living space goes way beyond what they cook on. We have amazing outdoor heaters, fire tables and outdoor fireplaces. They will lengthen your outdoor living season and help you create wonderful outdoor living spaces.

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Barbecues + Outdoor Ovens

In building our substantial roster of these products, we have focused on strong design, competitive pricing, great performance and suitability for our Canadian climate.

We have a variety of models and fuels, charcoal, natural gas, propane and wood pellets. We carry bright colours and plenty of stainless steel!

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We have an almost endless selection of accessories. They range from products to enhance the use of our stoves, barbecues and ovens, both from the manufacturer of these products to add-on and additional items from accessory specialists.

We also take pride in having replacement parts and maintenance products available for the products we sell.

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Are you a potential Retailer? Connect with us to learn how we can provide the products you need to help your business grow and flourish. Give us a call toll free at 1-800-269-1620 or reach us by email at

*Please note we do not sell to the public. Please contact your local hearth retailer for product availability and pricing.